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CLSI Can Help You Get Your Contractor License. We've been helping individuals and businesses file and get their contractor license for over 20 years. In fact we have helped over 13,000 individuals to obtain their state contractor's license! With all the paperwork and Information Required For Getting A Contractor License, it can be daunting. We have the experience you can trust when it comes to dealing with each state's contractor license board.

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Have you ever had to deal with a State Contractor License Board? Then you know how difficult it is to get helpful information about getting your contractors license. But, at CLSI; we've learned how to get your contractors license and simplify the process of dealing with State Offices which save you time and money. All 50 States have their own contractor licensing laws and requirements. Over the years we have worked with each individual state contractor license board directly and know what it takes to get the job done. In fact, we have 100% success rate of getting contractor licenses for our qualified clients! Read our Customer Testimonials...

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Steps To Contractor Licensec

1. License Classification & Experience
2. Sign up for an Exam Date
3. Attend a Seminar
4. Pass the State Exam
5. File Application
6. Establish Business Entity
7. Get Insurance

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